Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 things that makes me really happy

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Alright, I’m still on the challenge. Day 14 of the challenge is 10 things that make me really happy.

Living in a country where Gross National Happiness (GNH) is the main development philosophy and is integrated in every aspect of Bhutan’s development, uneasiness creeps in me to define my version of happiness and list down 10 things that make me really happy. Bhutan truly believes in “GNH is important than GDP.” 

However, things are changing swiftly as the winds of modernization have swept in.
You can find more and more construction of buildings mushrooming everyday in every nook and corner of the capital, sleek cell phones are every body’s choice now and every new day you can find a posh car in the street. Families have less time for each other and every young worker aspires to travel to Australia for further studies and to work and earn money. 

Things are changing and with the booming of more materialistic minds in the Bhutanese, I wonder how sustainable will the development philosophy be. 

Well, these are just the thoughts of a na├»ve Bhutanese who truly fails to understand the philosophy of GNH. And I say, I do not wish to argue since happiness to me is purely subjective. 

So on a lighter note; here are the 10 things that make me really happy these days:
  1. Being very productive at work today. :) 
  2. Coming home after work and doing my daily dose of Pilates, I feel on top of the moon. 
  3. The thought of visiting Denmark soon makes me wonder so much about the place and I’m just counting my days. I’ve been googling a lot about Copenhagen, if you know about the place please do let me know. I’d be glad. :)
  4. Eating chapatti and kewa datshi for dinner. 
  5. Reading away to the night every day.
  6. Wearing nail paint and blogging about today’s challenge as it dries so perfectly, ah bliss! Is that two? 
  7. The spring shower, I’ve been quite looking forward to it.  
  8. My favorite cup of evening tea, I think I’ll collapse if I don’t have one. 
  9. Listening to Ugyen Pandey’s songs, I never dreamt that this guy would come this far. 
  10. The warm sun, finally it has become warmer in Thimphu.  

What makes you really happy? 

You can find my other version of happiness here.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Person, place, things, time, ah I miss everything in life. This space would not be enough if I have to list down the things I miss. 

But most importantly, I miss being myself. I’m that person who loves spending time on my own. I love to wake up at my own leisure in the morning, have a good cup of tea and laze around the house at my own sweet time, eat, read my favorite book and sleep whenever I feel like. 
However, growing up and being an adult has deprived me of being myself. Being an adult, an elder sister to a brother and a sister now in the household, I feel like a keeper. Working and earning to keep my hearth burning makes me miss all those good old days as a child where sorrows, frets and worries were the last thing on my mind.  

I miss my first day at school, how my mom clad me perfectly in a beautiful kira and a matching tego and wonju and my dad took me to school saying that I will make lots of friends and eat lollipop every single day. 

I miss my high school days at cold Jaker. Those cold days where I just had to worry about my studies; worry about looking good in front of the boys, worry about not being able to dance well in the school concert. 

I miss my college days. I miss going on long winding walks at Khangma in Kanglung, miss those small brooks which drew us towards the countryside, miss plucking those wild berries. The marmalade sunsets setting slowly over the horizon lured us. 

I miss the vast library in the college and how I used to emerge myself in those volumes of books and get lost behind them on lazy afternoons. Those were the days; I assume I was on the voyage of exploring the beauty of the world. 

I miss my friends. I miss those sleepovers and all those late night talks sharing every secret you have without the fear of being judged. Friends who used to be there always, now that we are so busy in our life, we hardly get to talk to each other also. 

I will miss this moment too, sipping green tea and blogging away the things, places and people I miss. I’m a nostalgic person, you know. :). 

What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

That one moment

It’s already Day 9 of the Blog Everyday In May Challenge. Woohhh!!!! I have been blogging for the past 3 days now and I feel awesome, just awesome!

After work I stopped over at my sister’s place and you know who I bumped into? My mom’s best friend. This friend of my mom is so hilarious; I have always enjoyed her company. But today it was even better.  

We shared some light moment at first. After downing a couple of glass of beer, she became even more hilarious. She started sharing hers and mom’s childhood days and all those naughty little tricks they used to do as kids. From what she told me, mom and she used to be very naughty at school and used to fool the Dzongkha teacher in the class. 

With a short and fatty appearance and a round face that is perfectly dolled up with light make-up she looks as if she is in her twenties. And with her spirit for freedom and the carefree attitude she looks even younger her age. 

She was the attention seeker in the group, starting from her childhood crush and how she used to save her pocket money, her childhood memoirs brought us close to tears by making us laugh so much. It was a full on comedy circus. 
I have never laughed so much at someone who is as old as my mom. 

I know mom must have had the best childhood ever with a friend like her around. 

She said that they never wanted any friends beside themselves, it must be true. I’m happy to have got the opportunity to meet mom’s best friend and listen to all her hilarious childhood memoirs. It truly was a moment of my day today. 

We were literally like that lol. Image found via Pinterest


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