Friday, June 10, 2016

Untitled thoughts

The sky last evening. Magnificent, isn't it? 
I often wonder where this life is heading...

I have not read a newspaper for six months now, haven't watched television but have seen two movies at least. I have just been to one social event. I’ve measured my life between workplace and home and occasional visit to my parents.

I live inside my own bubble, completely oblivious of the world around. Friends insist that I go out and explore so that I get to meet akin people, open up and build romantic friendship. You may say that I’m lonely or a workaholic. And that I’ve no personal life. I understand that. Does it affect me? Not at all!

I’ve abandoned writing also. This is the first writing in three months. I feel okay. Perfectly okay!  

Sometimes, I get this feeling of being in transition. That ‘Bardo’ concept of Buddhism. 

My whole perspective towards life has changed. I give my best and leave the rest to the things which are beyond my control. I have learned to accept the art of letting go. It’s beautiful to have come to the terms of acceptance. Does this mean that I’m breathing only? It may seem like that at the outset. But I’m living also. 

I have not abandoned reading. I read a lot. A lot. I often get lost into the world of books and its characters. Which leaves me with no time to indulge in gossips. You are what you read, they say.

I have not envisioned my life ten years from now. The path forward seems clouded mostly for now. But I’m okay with that too. If its meant to be mine, it always will. 

Have a lovely weekend! 


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