Sunday, July 5, 2015

Book Review // La Ama

La Ama (a mother’s call) by Chador Wangmo is a story about one woman’s harrowing journey from a terrible marriage to the past which was equally ruthless and to an uplifting future. 

It’s a story that deals with a lot of difficult themes like betrayal and domestic violence, adultery, LGBT, and the recent popular entertainment culture of drayang.

One fateful night Dechen Zangmo runs away from the ‘mad house,’ the house that she once had set her heart in, only to be met with an accident. What’s she running away from? 

From a jealous and an abusive husband who treats her as a piece of furniture.

One is immediately narrated a series of events from the past which led her to the present situation. In that series of past events, it tells us why Dechen Zangmo could never complete high school. The teacher who is revered the most in the society is the reason behind Dechen’s leaving school. The circumstances Dechen faced is still prevalent in many schools in rural Bhutan.

From witnessing her parents separation to taking refuge in her annoying aunt and uncle’s crammed house in Chinese line in Phuentsholing to working in a Drayang for a living until she gets married, Chador Wangmo gives us a vivid and engaging story of one woman’s journey for survival and the triumph over the forces of violence.

It’s a bold book that depicts the tolerance of Bhutanese women to adultery by the significant other for reasons of their own, about how being a gay is a taboo in our society and the large influence of bollyhood in the life of an average Bhutanese girl. 

I felt extremely conflicted at times where I had to put down the book, contemplate and start reading again. 

All in all, it’s a nice read with just 198 pages which can be finished in one sitting. 


  1. Have read so many reviews and it only motivate to grab one and read, but still need to wait for months, but i surely will. A concise and beautiful review! Rekha..!

    1. Thank you Tshewang. Hope you pick up a book at the earliest possible :)

  2. I m glad that u actually read ths book :)

  3. Interesting! Your review is just so thought provoking and definitely want to give a go with this book. Let me know if the book is available online somehow.
    You can insta me the info in one of the pic. Thanks :)

  4. i also wnt to read dat seems to b vry nic bukk

  5. It's a wonderful piece Aue. Love your work, as always. The decoration is pretty as well :) Happy Weekends. Take Care!

  6. A captivating review. Hope you are doing fine, Mam Rekha.

  7. It's simply wonderful review after the book ---'La Aama'...this book made me think more and more and less and less all things that happens in each individual 'HOME'...thanks


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