Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review// The Bell Jar & Now Reading...

It was in the summer of 2005 that I first met Sylvia Plath during my high school years. Plath’s most beloved and critically acclaimed poem “Tulips” was one of the poems that we had to study as part of the English paper. 

Honestly, I was not a fan of poetry. The complex nature and not so straight-forwardness attitude of poetry troubled me. However, it was a different one when I met with Plath’s Tulips. 
It could be because I was able to relate myself to the poem. Ever since then, my fondness for poetry has known no leaps and bounds.

I was also deeply saddened to learn that such a gifted poet and a novelist struggled with mental illness and committed suicide. 

Recently I met her again. This time, with her only semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar, published posthumously. 
It is amazing how this book, written more than half a century ago still resonates to me today about my personal experiences with depression and suicides, my arguments on gender roles, why only women are the ones left with major responsibility of childbirth and taking care of the child and household etc.

Reading the book, I realized that I’m not alone. I could totally relate myself to Esther Greenwood in the book. It’s even more amazing how humankind remains the same regardless of time, no matter what. 

Throughout the book, I was filled with a sense of fright. I was afraid for Esther. What if she slit her wrists with those boxes full of razors? If she doesn’t want shock therapy, leave her alone. 

It became so gloomy for me sometimes that I thought it depressed me. You may say that I was not able to control my mind. Or I was not able to differentiate between the literal and the real world. Yes, I was. But I couldn’t help it. 
Often times, I wonder how a book can impact the reader. And The Bell Jar is no exception. 

Indeed, it’s not a cheerful read. But if you’re interested, I would highly recommend you know the story of Plath’s life and death before you delve into the book. 

When I realized that The Bell Jar had had quite a serious impact on me, I thought I wanted some lighter read. So I bought Looking for Alaska and I am Malala. I know splurging on books is bad for my savings. I go into a bookshop with just a book on my mind and emerge out of it buying two or more. I hoard the books like a hungry lioness and my reading list is becoming never ending now. Sigh!  

Mentally, I’m not prepared to read I am Malala after this serious read. So I will take a break in Looking for Alaska. Books like I am Malala need some serious and empathetic heart and will power, I presume. 

I’m a huge fan of John Green after The Fault in Our Stars. Who isn’t? I hope I won’t be disappointed by Looking for Alaska. I have just started and I love Miles and Alaska for now. With the recent weather in Thimphu, it has been a perfect time to snuggle in bed with a book and hot chocolate. 

What are you currently reading?
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's officially spring today

Image Courtesy: My friend Sreymom Vrong


It is officially Spring today in this part of the world(referred here). It is spring and it definitely means a tribute on this blog. A tribute to rebirth, hope and renewal. 
Spring is my favorite season after Autumn (my obsessed love for autumn never cease).

Spring means:

-a time for new beginning. 
-a time to heal if you are broken emotionally, spiritually, physically.
-it means to cast off that extra layers we have been living in and flaunt in flip flops and  cute sundress. Which means it’s a freedom from dark and somber colored clothes (very typical of me).
-it means to add vibrant colors to your wardrobe and to your life. 
-a time to revisit goals and start working towards its achievement. 
-it also means to let go. 

I thought I needed a break and I was fortunate to get two weeks off from work, from this mundane life of mine and travel to Europe which was totally invigorating. This really helped me to discover and restore my inner self. 

And I’m super glad that I’m starting work on the first of spring with the renewed vigor, hope and inspiration just like the season.

What does spring mean to you?
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Friday, March 14, 2014

being anonymous in a city

Certain things in life are best experienced when you step out of your normal routine, out of your comfort zone. 
I had this chance to experience this when I hopped on the plane to The Netherlands. If you have been with me on this blog you will know my anticipation and my anxiousness  about this trip in this post

This is my first time to travel solo and I actually spent a few sleepless nights before the trip imagining all the things after having quite a relationship with all those Locked up abroad series. 

After being up on the air for 18 hours and another 35 minutes train ride, my biological clock was not functioning properly. I was starving at 3 am in the morning and sleepy at 12 noon. To find a cure to this  jet lag of mine, I went to the park to get some sunlight. It is said that plenty of sunlight actually helps you recover from jet lag. 

After the Bhutanese,  I think the Dutch are the kindest people I know. Everywhere you go, they are ready to help you. So it was not difficult for me to navigate my way around the city.
I spotted a park and I sat in a bench there. I love to visit parks because I can people-watch, my favorite activity.

I could lie down in the bench and feel the sun on my face. I knew no one. A complete stranger I was in the city and so was the city to me. I felt relaxed, calm and at peace. 

A great sense of freedom filled in me. Not because I didn't have freedom before but because I had nothing. Which means I had everything because I had the freedom to do anything without fear and with courage. 

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