Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reminiscence of the year 2Ѻ12

So yet another year comes to an end in the next two days. And this reminds me a lot about myself. First thing first, the end of the year reminds me that I’m aging: P; that I’m yet to get married, bear kids, and do my Masters study, holy cow! There is still a lot to do in life now. 

I have taken a week off from work to celebrate Christmas holidays with my family and since then I have been glued to the heater to brave this bone chilling cold of Thimphu. BRRR…how I wish I could fit in the oven at this time of the year :P.
The entire day I sleep, eat, read and watch my favorite series only. Basically I have been eating, praying and loving as in the words of Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Eat, Pray and Love.   Those of you, who have not yet read that book, please do read it. I strongly recommend you. How interesting my life at the moment is, I’m totally basking in the glory of life. No work tensions and deadlines to meet, I am on a paid holidays which is an icing on the cake :). A perfect way to end the year! 

The clock hanging desolately on the wall ticks so strangely. It sometimes disturbs me when I read. Immediately I get out of bed, open my PC and start writing to reminiscence the year 2012. It’s like I’m on the threshold of life since I have just 2 days left now to welcome the New Year 2013. My thoughts ramming faster, ferociously it conquers the strange ticking sound of the clock. I smile in victory :). 

The year 2012 has been glorious for my career. I finished my probation period and became a regular civil servant. This means I get entitled to all the benefits starting from training opportunities to salary increments to paid holidays. Voila! I got to travel overseas not once but twice in a year and got to explore places which I love the most. 
I could afford a little place of my own, a place where I call home. A place where I can come to after work, change and relax or sometimes doze off all together till the wee hours of the morning.
That’s the pleasure of living all by yourself. I have always wanted to do that and finally I have achieved it, Yay!   
And most importantly, I have been able to make new blog friends through this space and I have been able to communicate with them as well. That is another achievement in itself. Life indeed is wonderful when the ball is in our court. I thank the Almighty God for it. 

Unlike last year I will not be making any New Year resolution ‘cause I suck at resolutions :(. So I think I will go with the flow. How about you lovely readers? Any New Year resolutions up your sleeve? I wish you all the best for it.

All in all, I had a great year 2012 and I hope and pray for the same in 2013 and this is the last post for 2012 as well. So here is wishing you all a Happy New Year 2013 and have a prosperous, blessed and a great year ahead!  
Such a thoughtful Christmas & New Year Gift from a Senior colleague in office :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

The week that was…

Ever since I returned from my trip to the Philippines, life has been too busy work-wise. It has started to take its toll on me mentally and physically. That’s why this space has remained abandoned for quite a while now. I have not been able to update on my blog rolls which I truly apologize. It seems like I have missed on all the important fun in life. 
And yeah B-mobile is another culprit here.  They send the data card bills once in twice a month and give plenty of time to pay the bills, at least for two months. Thinking that I still have some time left to pay my bills, I was least worried until I started having serious problem in using the card.  When I complained about the card then did I know that it was deactivated. How can they deactivate the card without any notification to the user? But this isn't a new story about Bhutan Telecom's service.: P.
How stressful my days are getting, God alone knows it :(. A day ago, I was on my way to office from a lunch break and I saw a cat cross my path. I know I’m being superstitious here but I can’t help it. Normally, a cat crossing your path is considered an ill omen and I have believed it all my life. Actually, that poor cat was being chased by a dog and it exactly crossed my path and right after that dog another dog followed swiftly. I was too concentrated on the cat that I didn’t notice the second dog until it banged hard on the front wheel of the car. 

Thud-thud went the sound. 

I was so panicked that my thoughts froze and I didn’t know whether to stop the car or drive on. I drove on instead. From a distance, I saw the dog limping. Oh God, I nearly killed a dog! This is the second time I have hit a dog, but believe me I am not a reckless driver. Now should I blame the cat or my superstitious beliefs? Perplexed I remained the rest of the evening and I felt terribly sorry for the dog.
Too much of uncanny things are going on at work and its becoming stressful day after day. 9-4 pm working hour sometimes without lunch is not enough to meet the deadlines.Sometimes until late hours at night up till weekends, my cup of life is poisoned for now:(.  I  am mentally so tired that I want to take another break from work again :P. Now who says there is no work in civil service? Hopefully, the year is coming to an end and I am ever hopeful and positive that I will have a happy start of the year 2013 and I wish the same for you.
Letting off these thoughts here is so much relieving! Writing indeed is a form of therapy to escape the madness, melancholia, the pain and fear which is inherent in a human situation as said by Graham Greene.

Here are some random pictures from the trip and some others just to cheer myself up.:)

Flight of fantasy~~watched sunset from the wings of the dragon
Dochula in cold January finally :)


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