Sunday, November 4, 2012

Princess and I - TV series

“Hello, I am from the kingdom of Yangdon,” has been my cliché here in the Philippines for the last 1 week.  Everywhere you go, be it in the shopping malls, on the beach or on the street they mistake us as a fellow Filipino because of the same race to which we belong to. To avoid that confusion, I have been saying the following:  
    1. I don’t speak Tagalog, the Filipino language and
    2. Since they don’t know where Bhutan is, Kingom of Yangdon tells them the
       location: P.

Kingdom of Yangdon is the fictional kingdom based in Bhutan in the Filipino television series Princess and I and it is currently airing on ABS-CBN since April 16, 2012. Read here to know more. Since its telecast I have wanted to watch it unfortunately it was not uploaded.:( And it is the top most series on my wanna watch list. It was shot in Bhutan and portrays the Wangchuck dynasty. The costumes worn while in Bhutan are our traditional dress. From the trailer I could see that it has been worn with so much grandeur,poise, beauty and elegance. And from what I learned Mr. Pila Wangyel was involved in selecting their costumes. So hats off to him! 

The mystical sunset

A walk on the beach
The deep blue sea in Subic Beach, Manila
Momo from Zombala, oh i miss it :(
Bhutan has become popular as the fairytale kingdom of Yangdon and its people as Yangdonese hehe. So I tell here that I come from a fairytale kingdom to which they seems intrigued and for some few minutes I am busy advertising Bhutan lol.
The warm beaches with blue sea, plenty of sunshine, awesome food and the warm Filipino people are making me intoxicated :P and I am enjoying to the fullest. While I miss hot momo (dumplings) and the cold weather of Thimphu I will be basking in this glory of life for another week. Until then hope you lovely people had a wonderful Sunday and here is wishing you a great week ahead!


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