Friday, January 6, 2012

Bigg Boss season 5

What does it mean to stay isolated for 98 days from the rest of the world? No phone or internet connection, you won’t get to see your loved ones every morning, no sweet and then later on angry wake up calls from your mother. But you have to spend 98 days along with other complete strangers as housemates locked out together under the surveillance of 55 cameras, tracking your each and every move. Freaking, isn’t it? 

No, I am not talking about 98 days of solitude. I am talking about the Bigg Boss season 5, the hit Indian reality TV show on colors TV hosted by Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. I have come to terms to love these two gentlemen for their humour and personality. 

I would not be doing justice to the show if I don’t update about it here. Since its start on 2/10/2011, I have been a big fan of this show and never before had I followed some TV shows like this. Had I prepared for some examination on the updates and insights of this show I am sure that I would top the examination: P. Not enough of the show, I have googled and dissected each issues about the show and had spent some precious hours of my time going through the spicy gossips and muffins of the inmates of the house on the show. Since the show airs late at night (11 pm BST), I get less sleep every morning and have to reach office groggily from mon-fri. But never mind, the show  will come to an end tomorrow after some 14 weeks and hopefully i will get back my beauty sleep starting this Monday. What a way to start the New Year. :)

It was a pleasant surprise when the Indo-Canadian adult actress Sunny Leone made the entry into the Bigg Boss house. Her entry set the audience on fire. Her choice of career as an adult star led people to Google about her. She became the most searched item. Finally every one landed into visiting her porn websites and pictures.

Another one was the entry of the 601 pound Japanese sumo Wrestling Champion Yamamotoyama, a guest for a day. His was excessively cute and brought in lots of laughter into the chaotic and abusive house, at least for a day. And not to forget, Andrew Symonds, the former Australian criketer was swwet when he spoke Hindi.

Finally, the show is coming to an end with the grand finale on 7/01/2012 i.e tomorrow night at 9:30 pm (BST) and I am super excited as to who will win the show and emerge a 1-core winner. I have my contestant on mind; I pray he/she  win. If you have followed the show, who is your bet on?

Juhi Parmar
UPDATE: Juhi Parmar, the Kumkum soap girl we used to watch some years back on Indian television took home 1-crore, becoming the 2nd woman to win the Bigg Boss show after Sweta Tiwari, another popular soap girl. 3 months of watching the show and i am disappointed big time :(. 

I did not expect Juhi Parmar to win the show for her selfish and snobbish acts in the house. And if we peep into the past, the person who has survived since the beginning has won the show. Since Juhi Parmar survived since day one in the house it was predictable that she would win the show.

I have wasted 14 precious weeks watching the show only to find out at the end that the show is scripted and not a reality TV show. What a waste!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year resolutions or Not?

I know I have been away from this space for quite a long time now. The last entry on my blog 
 was on 13/11/11, 53 days back and I have hardly written in a month now. The sheer reason is laziness and it has led to inconsistency of my passion for writing. I feel dumb when I don’t read and write and I have been the greatest dumbo these past months I have been away from writing. That is why it’s becoming tougher for me to scribble down what I really intend to. Words fail and gets stuck midway and I have to press the backspace key on the keyboard again and again. Darn! How loathsome laziness has turned me into, I abhor you, o Laziness of mine!

This is my first post for the year 2012 and here I come with a New Year resolution! I never had New Year resolution this past 25 years of my life because I know well that I suck at resolutions. But this year it’s different, I have made up my resolution. And it is to write and write! And not desert my blogging space. 

I ardently follow others space, one of the major tasks I do at work is go through others web pages and stay glued to the computer screen for hours and hours. Sometimes I spent the whole day reading especially when I find it interesting and too lazy to work. In fact, that’s what I have been doing the whole morning today :P. I took the whole week (last week of December) off from work to meet family and friends over Christmas. Moreover, I was in dire need of break from work and that holidays rejuvenated me so much that I am still in holiday moods and have remained glued to my computer screen this whole time.

On the other side, my own space has been ignored and deserted. This New Year, I want to respect my space and keep blog updates. Hope I live it up.

On this note, Happy New Year to all bloggers! Have a prosperous and a great Year ahead.


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