Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dear February

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Dear feburary, February, why do I always get your spelling wrong? 

Do you know that you’re the perfect calendar month? I like to think that this makes you sexy and perfect. 

O that February face of yours! So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness. 

Early in the mornings when I pull the curtain to let the light in, the dewy mist you have left on my window glass the previous night makes me so lazy to get up that I leave the curtains hanging there and snuggle back to my warm duvet. 

The crispness in the air has decreased a lot now. Plenty of your sunny days indicate that spring is almost here. 

The warmth in the air has resurrected my plants. They have started to breathe and I can see few leaves popping up already. Does that mean that spring is right around the corner? Definitely it is. Just the thought of it soothes my heart. 

There is something very intimate about you, O February! I will miss the long cold nights when I can snuggle in bed and read away the night. I will miss those rosy cheeks you give us in the cold. I will miss wearing boots and scarves. I will miss writing to you on a lazy Sunday afternoon listening to sweet emotion on the radio. Sigh! We humans are never satisfied. 

But one thing. I shall cherish you while you are here. Please be good.

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