Tuesday, April 29, 2014

20 blog post ideas for the uninspired

Things on this blog has been pretty quiet lately. Work has really kept me on toes, even on weekends, I've been working, gosh! I feel so burned out. 

I've been going through a lot of emotional stress lately, sometimes it gets out of hand. So where's the time and energy for the creative juices to flow? Things may be the same for some of you. As I always say, "writing is the best therapy," it helped me definitely to de stress myself in this post. It helped me remain sane and positive. 

Sometimes I run out of blog post ideas. Blog writer's block? Errr....yes! Isn't it insane to keep your crap going on in this internet?
Anyhoo, here are 20 blog post ideas to keep your creative juice flowing or to tackle your writer's block if you've been like me:

1. Review a book/product/film: Share your honest opinion to your readers. This is one of my favorites.

2. Day in the life: Write about a day in your life. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning till the time your head hit the pillow, write about it. Document it. And yeah don't forget to add photos.

3. Make a tutorial: If you're good at something, share it with your readers which would help them.

4. Start a blog series like I did in this 100 things I ❤ series.

5. Create a bucket list or a list of something.

6. Share a recent travel story.

7. Interview someone.

8. Write about your favorite blog/blogger. 

9. Revisit your old blog post with the maximum view count and write a follow up post to it.

10. Get away from the computer, away from the phone and take a stroll outside. Get inspiration from the nature to write. 

11. People watch, one of my favorite activity. Write about the humans of your place/city. 

12. Write about a DIY project. 

13.Write a letter to your 16 year old self. What advice would you give? Or a letter to someone or to some place. 

14. Your week in photos. Instagram could be the best and the easiest app to help you on this.

15. Show what's in your bag. People like to get nosy and want to have a peek inside your bag. You can have a peek inside my bag here.

16. List down 10 things that makes you happy and share it. It's a joy in itself.

17. Blogging dos or don't s.

18. Be a tourist in your own city and let the readers know about places to visit the next time they are in your city. I trust bloggers reviews more than the city maps/guides.

19. Tell us about your favorite TV show. Rant about it if you like.

20. Why you blog? 

How do you stay inspired? 

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Friday, April 18, 2014

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you…

+ that it has been rainy and gloomy a lot these days. Very unlikely for early spring. It seems that cold is here to stay forever. And we still have to use heater to keep ourselves warm. 
Talking of warmth, I’ve wanted to start with my Pilates session after work since the days are longer now but the cold is still here which makes me plain lazy to roll out the mat and get on the floor. 
You would say ‘Why don’t you do it in the morning?’ 
At this, I would roll my eyes and look at you as if I’ve seen an alien because morning hours are the busiest part of my day. I never get enough time for anything. Getting out of the bed is the hardest thing for me in the morning. So exercise is out of my league. 

+ that I’m having a post k-drama withdrawal syndrome after completing My Love from Another Star. Omo, I’d love it if aliens were as good looking and cute as Kim Soo-Hyun. I googled and to my dismay found that the cute alien in the drama is just 26. Oh no! 
Nonetheless, I love the feeling of getting transported to a fantasy world when seeing the melodramas. Flight of fantasy, I’d say ‘cause there’s so much of comfort in the world of fantasy. 

+that my office has had a makeover. You should come visit me. It has become more spacious and airy now. God, I’ve been living in a matchbox for the past 3 years. 

At this time, I’d refill your coffee cup because your cup would be empty if you’re like me. I like to drink my coffee hot. In that process I finish up my coffee instantly. And I’d ask how things in your life are. ‘Are you married?’ That would be the first question I’d ask you ‘cause everybody basically asks me that. 

Shameless breed we are. 
We do not respect privacy and asks bluntly personal questions to whomever we meet. It actually mystifies me how blunt we are to answer it as if that’s the first thing you’d like to be asked. If your answer is positive, then I’d again ask, ‘How’s your wife/hubby?’ but if your answer is negative, I’d ask you no further because neither do I like to go beyond that. 

+ yes, I have chopped off my long hair. You’d say that for a change it’s good and I look young. Do I? Anyways I would thank you. And be happy that it serves it purpose and I didn’t suffer from post haircut syndrome. That I didn’t look in the mirror and wept for the loss of my hair. 
+ about the recent theft that we had to go through. A bunch of 5th and 6th graders stole my brother’s bag pack which contained his wallet, some separate cash, cell phone,car key and a pair of shoes from the football ground. Only the cell phone was recovered and the culprits caught. It horrified me that this bunch of kids blew up the cash by watching 5D movies and shopping and threw away the car key. Heights of bravery! 

And the most shocking thing was the parents were not apologetic about the situation but they instead accused my brother for carrying such amount of cash. It was so saddening to see these kids at the police station when they should be at school. 

By this time I’m sure you’d be tired of my rambles. I know sometimes I do not let the other person talk. You’d get tired of me and start looking at your cell phone and say that you have to get home now, that you have guest coming over for dinner. I’d shrug my shoulder and thank you for your time and tell you to drop by often which I’m sure that would be the last thing you’d do. And it would be the last time I see you. 

Happy weekends ahead! 
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Holland Diary

Like the locals I like to call The Netherlands as Holland.I had an excellent opportunity to visit Holland for a short training program earlier in March this year. It was the first solo travel I ever did. Boy, I was so anxious. I was googling for everything and I made sure I was equipped with every information I could find. In 24 hours of my journey, I was on air for approximately 18 hours then a train ride for 35 minutes and some 10 minutes tram ride until I reached my destination. 
And I'm amazed it went perfectly well and I gained quite an experience as well. Now I've been bitten with the travel bug and it is quite hard to shake the bugs off. I want to travel more, explore and see the world. 

In memory of my solo trip I thought I will share some amazing and wonderful pictures here on the blog.

Madurodam: If you do not have time to see the whole of Holland, relax! Madurodam, the miniature park is there for you. Located in the Scheveningen district of The Hague, its a home to a perfect 1:25 scale model replicas of famous Dutch castles, public buildings, and large industrial projects as found at various locations in the country. 
The real Holland is 25 times larger than the miniature buildings and castles in Madurodam.  
The Peace Palace: The Peace Palace is a building in The Hague, often called the seat of international law since it houses the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague Academy of International Law and Peace Palace Library. 
The above picture is the real landmark of Peace Palace and the below one is a miniature in Madurodam
During the weekends, we made a trip to Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium. Weekend train tickets are available at half the normal price at a reasonable rate. While in Brussels we saw bronze sculpture, Manneken Pis, depicting a naked little guy peeing. There are a lot of myths behind that bronze statues though.
From the hot waffles to dripping Belgian chocolates to the beer and the visit to the grandeur churches and palaces, Brussels is worth every visit. 
With a Cambodian friend, Sreymom in Antwerp
Manneken Pis
Atomium in Brussels: Standing at 335 ft. tall and 59 ft. diameter, its stainless steel clad spheres connect the whole forms to the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 million times. The top sphere provides a panoramic view of Brussels where you can again see the Mini-Europe miniature park located at the floor of the Atomium. CNN named Atomium building as Europe's most bizarre building. 

The Atomium as seen during the day and night
I had one of the most wonderful stay in Holland meeting new people and making friends from all over the world. During the two weeks stay I also got to make good friends which would last for my lifetime. Looking back, I have one of the most beautiful memories. Thank you all for everything.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

The blog's 3rd birthday

So here I am. On the blog. On its 3rd birthday. 

Though its Monday blues, today I feel extra happy. Not because it’s my birthday, but because it’s the blog’s 3rd birthday. Yay! People come and go, teach me lessons and I learn from them. Memories remain sometimes, other times it completely gets washed off. It reminds me of Shakespeare’s words “we are such stuffs as dreams are made of and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” 

Everything is fleeting. But not words.
Writing is therapeutic. It does something to me. It steps on my heart and makes me cry. After which I feel like I have emerged a winner like a phoenix from the ashes. 

I’m in love with words. So in love with words that sometimes it brings orgasm in me. I am eternally amazed how the same word could be so ugly and so glorious, and its stories so damning and brilliant given its context. I am haunted by WORDS. 
The first blog post was surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship with words. 

Sometimes, you put your heart and soul in writing a post and when you hit the ‘publish’ button, no one reads. There is no single view which is so disheartening. Just a comment overwhelms you. It means that your time and work is appreciated. I’m sure all the bloggers can relate to me on this. 

This blog wouldn’t have come thus far had it not been for the readers like you. You’ve stayed with me through my highs and lows in life. You have seen me weep and laugh through my writings. You have listened to all my ramblings. Three years is a long time. So thank you all lovely readers for being on this journey with me. It means a lot to me. 

This morning when I opened my email, I got this exceptionally inspiring article 50 things to let go of before your next birthday from the many subscriptions I subscribe to and I’m overly glad that this helped me kick start my Monday on a joyous note. 

For a nostalgic person like me, one of the most difficult things for me is to “let go.” But this article has given me the strength to my challenges that I’m currently facing and I hope that this will help you too. I printed it to read later and understand its in-depth meaning when I have more time. Have a great week ahead!

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