Thursday, September 15, 2011

Check Check! Reality Check!

Bogged down with work :(

Work seems to have taken its toll on me. It is like I am racing against time without a proper destination in mind. Like a horse in a polo race, work seems to rein me and I haven’t had the time to look sideways, but always forward like the horse. This explains why I have missed blogging for a pretty long time now. In fact this must be the first post in September.   

People say there is no work in civil service. This isn’t the diagnosis with me. Since I am in my probation year in the service, I am overburdened with work. The so popular cliché of ‘The boss is always right’ overrule here, I believe. This is because the boss always passes on his/her work to the probationer without speculating whether he/she has a slightest work knowledge as to the given task or not, your subordinate looks upon you and leaves the work half done expecting you to complete it for them. And feeling it as your responsibility, you sincerely do it for every Tom, Dick and Harry.  This is why I get back home just to eat and sleep, wake up in the morning and rush to work with that incomplete sleep; work like a robot the whole week long, and on and on continues the routine. So where is the time to pursue your hobbies, see your friends, have fun and be content? I have been missing on these things lately. 

I started to read Life of Pi a month ago. I have just started it and have remained there, where do I have the time to read? I would love to flip a page or two before I go to bed every night but at the end of the day I am so tired that as soon as I lie down, I become a dead log. This is how my world has been revolving lately. 

Reality Check: Off late media has been reporting distressing news. Rampant suicides and rapes, drug abuse and smuggling are becoming reportedly high. Minor arrested for alleged sexual harassment, prisoner committing suicide when he had just 1 year and 7 months of his 10 years to serve jail, traditional healers committing rape in a row in the name of curing bjaney (supposed to be urinary tract infection) and numerous smuggling of tobacco, sandal woods, animal hides and others to name a few. These always leave me in great contemplation. The traditional healers’ crime reminds me of the sages (esp. the Indian sadhus) I have read about in crime magazines who lures and coax women into sexual activities for the sake of enlightenment. 

Apart from other reasons, desperateness seems to be the ordeal of the day. There is this job vacancy for a class XII graduate in my workplace. Surprisingly, some 6 university graduates applied for the post. Asked as to what made them to apply for the post, the dearth of job opportunities made them to do it was the quick reply. Not only that, the desperateness to earn a living must have made them to apply for it. Daily a bunch of high school and university graduates come asking around for jobs at my workplace. The present scenario questions whether a small country like Bhutan can accommodate almost all the workforce in its capital alone. I wonder what if it becomes like the Malthusian Theory where the population overburdens the carrying capacity of the land to produce food. And what if Bhutan is no longer able to provide job opportunities to every other graduate each passing year...  


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