30 before 30

Before I hit 30 in life here are the 30 things I would love to do and is fixed at doing :).

I’ve been working on this and finally I’m done with my 30 before 30 lists. I’m trying out or rather planning on to do 30 things before I hit 30. I have exactly 4 years and seven months to complete the lists below in no particular order:

1. Study abroad
2. Read 200 books, I realized 200 is too large a number so I'll keep it to 55 books, a book a month (I have started with Aleph by Paulo Coelho).
3.  Try bungee jumping
4.  Go on a writing retreat
5.  Visit a leprosy hospital
6.  Visit a inmate in a prison
7.  Write a handwritten letter to a long lost friend and send it through post
8.  Join a yoga class
9.  Learn photography
10. See the cherry blossom in Japan
11. Trek to the nearest mountain in Thimphu
12. Ensure my life savings
13. Join a book club
14. Volunteer for a good cause
15. Visit a water kingdom  
16. Master the art of making pancakes
17. Watch My girlfriend is a Gumiho (a Korean drama all over again)
18. Learn to ride a bicycle
19. Host a tea party
20. Be someone’s mentor
21. Visit a red light District
22. Watch sun-set everyday exactly at the same time for a week
23. Go on a road trip
24. Go to an amusement park
25. Visit a fish spa
26. Learn to become a morning person
27. Take a train ride across India
28. Send a message in a bottle
29. Gift an infinity ring to someone special
30. Sleep under the stars on a balmy night

I plan to achieve these goals at 30. Have you had a list yet or planning to make one? Share it with me, I would love to listen to yours. And yea wish me luck please.

Update: The striked ones are the ones I have accomplished/a work in progress.

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  1. I love your list especially the sunset everyday for a week. I should try that one.


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