Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 : The Year in Review

Beginnings are really obscure. Like writing this blog post after a year-long hiatus. But the very reason for this beginning is to take a step back and do a self-reflection. 

Yet again, it’s that time of the year – a time to take stock of the things of the past one year and reflect upon it. A time to set goals for the new year ahead and a time to move further into the abyss of life.

Perhaps it’s the long cold winter nights or the dry chill in the air, it often becomes quite murky and lonely deep inside me. It’s as if there has always been a cat lurking quietly and with the onset of the cold winter months, it's awakened up from a long hibernation stirring this very soul in me. 

But this cat, I consider it as a reawakening of the spirit in me, which is deemed to wake me up from a deep slumber, help me reposition myself and take charge of life. In short, it jolts me up from my often-battled existential crisis.

2019 was the year that I achieved my much-awaited dream of earning my Master’s Degree in Sustainable International Development. Graduate school was such a fun and great learning experience. I don’t mind going back to grad school and start another program all over again. 2 years went by in a jiffy. It was also a year of traveling and discovering boundaries beyond my sheltered comprehension.

It was a year of making the much-debated decision Рof settling back in America or returning home. In a twist of events, I took the latter decision and moved continents to be back with my family and work. I believe that everything happens for a reason, as clich̩ as it may sound.

It’s a year that a new little member joined our family – my adorable nephew Samphel was born and it’s a joy to watch him grow. He’s growing cuter by the day. Of course, our pet Chelsea is super jealous of him and stays clear of him every time they meet. Time will clear this jealousy, I’m sure.

It’s a year of understanding who my real friends are. Perhaps, with age, this comes naturally. It’s also a year of new-found diverse friendship and support.

It’s also a year of starting work in a new organization and the realization that no matter how hard you try in the civil service, bureaucracy is going to remain the same – as sloppy as ever. It’s either you exit the system or join the pack of wolves and become one of them.

On the reading front, it’s the year that I read the least. I could read just 13 books, of which mostly were memoirs and non-fiction, but were really good ones and I enjoyed a lot. Finishing up grad school and moving continents and picking up from where I left two years ago is not an easy feat, at least for me. Yet, it’s all over now and behind my back.

I can’t wait for 2020 to begin, it’s a new era.  It’s time to start a dream passion project that has been on my mind for the longest time. 

Wising you all a great year 2020! May you all be blessed with abundant love, prosperity, good health, and happiness. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Hello! It's me again

Hello Hello! The last entry in this blog was March 15, 2017, and I’ve been missing from this space for the past one year and nine months in which I wrote two blog entries in another blog by the name the BLOG. Why so much drama, right? I agree. Well, this girl of yours forgot the password altogether for this blog account and no matter how much she tried to remember Gmail simply wouldn't let her through since the phone number associated with this account was from Bhutan which she no longer has access to it. 

I’ve been miserable all this while since I’ve been blogging in this space for the past 7 years and this happens. It was like I lost a part of myself since I could neither delete it or keep using it. It was like dinosaurs to me - the idea that the blog once existed but now it’s extinct. I tried so many ways to remember and retrieve the password. The recovery email associated with this account also didn’t help. I gave it up! Farewell thee, my little blog. Then all of a sudden, this morning, an epiphany hit me! Ever so carefully, I typed my password and BOOM!!! It worked, just like that, as simple as that. Goodness gracious, I couldn’t believe it. It was such a moment of joy - to be able to access all my written words on the internet for the past 7 years. This blog has been part of me, it has helped me define my life and keep stock of my life’s events – be it in times of sadness, grief, happiness, and heartbreaks. It has also helped me connect to all the fellow bloggers from all over the world. It was innumerable hours spent thinking and writing and reading - the things that I enjoy doing the most. In short, it was my hard labor of love. Well, we all understand what it means in this digital age. I apologize for all the unanswered emails.

This past year I’ve had a couple of terrible email account experiences including this one. My official RGoB email account has been deleted! Yes, all those 8 years of experience of working in the civil service is down the drain. I was devastated and depressed. My IT officials thought that I wouldn’t need the email account anymore when I didn’t respond to their emails. Now, it’s very clear that I’m on study leave for 21 months and I don’t have time to access that official account given my hectic program. To save 30 USD per person per year, they deleted my account, just like that! Now, when I’m back I will have to start from scratch, thanks to my brilliant IT staffs who could have used a lil’ bit of empathy from their side. I didn’t want to argue about it further and nothing could have happened, my account couldn’t be recovered so I left it as it is.

So, 2019 it is and I hope to write more and keep stock of things in this blog, discover more of you guys and read more of you. Ah, it feels so good to be back, like a homecoming. I’ve missed you all and I hope to see more of you. Happy New Year!


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