Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fooled twice by TENGMAA

TENGMAA is a classic Bhutanese snack, that’s what the pack says. Actually TENGMAA is wholesome beaten maize and it is available in crispy form fried in oil manufactured by the Bhutan Food Products in Thimphu. When not fried its hard and pretty tough for the teeth and jaw. It becomes quite an exercise to the jaw, but when it’s fried it becomes crispy and just awesome for your perfect cup of evening tea. But it comes in less content in a pack for Nu. 15 that a few pops in your mouth and it’s already over and out. 

I had become quite a fan of TENGMAA and whenever I am out for grocery shopping, TENGMAA is the list that tops my grocery. Recently, not to forget my top snack for my evening tea, I bought another pack only to be in for a surprise. To my utter amazement and disappointment, the contents inside was not the yummy TENGMAA I have always relished but some puffed corns which looks alike TENGMAA. 
To worsen things, it was salted as well as sugary. The instant thought was, ‘you have been cheated!’ Well, you can imagine how my mind whirled at the thought of being cheated by our own home Food Products. 

The pack clearly screams out in black bold letters ‘wholesome beaten maize’ in its ingredients list with the ever happy go lucky Aptsara’s picture and inside all you find is salted sugary corn puffs.:(

This is the second time I have been fooled by the Bhutan Food Products. The first time I found corn puffs inside the TENGMAA pack I most assuredly forgave the manufacturer thinking that it happens sometimes after having come across some just air-filled chewing gum pack without the gum inside. However, the second time I discovered the same mistake, I don’t think this is another mistake from the TENGMAA manufacturer. It’s pure negligence! It’s disgusting to have been cheated in broad daylight by your home manufacturers. 

If this is the impression of a small TENGMAA manufacturer on the consumer, what about the other Bhutanese manufacturing industry? Is it worthy to trust their products as a consumer? The thoughts are nauseating.


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