Thursday, March 21, 2013

The stories of my Toothbrushes


Toothbrush A (TA) : Who is it?

Toothbrush B (TB) : Oh hi…er…I didn’t know I would find a friend here.

TA : Friend? Who sent you here? Miss R?

TB : Ummnn…I’m not sure of her name. We were brought from a supermarket, me and toothbrush Green but she seems to be nowhere in sight now.

TA : What???(frowns) it hasn’t been six months yet, how can Miss R try to replace me this early?
TB : Well I don’t know, maybe I’m here for someone else.

TA : That’s impossible, until this morning, Miss R didn’t have any plans of having anyone shifting/coming over. 

***Miss R had been having sensitivity problem with her teeth for a couple of days so she brought TB to replace TA since TA had become frail.  Then came Sensodyne fresh gel(S)…

S : Hi girls, just the two of you here?

TA & TB : (In unison) YESSS…

S : Oh thought I would have some more girls for company, sigh!

***That evening Miss R comes into the bathroom for the routine cleansing before bed.

TA : Here comes the boss…sniff sniff..Lets see..Who she will use.

***Miss R picks up S and TB.

TA : No! Why is she leaving me out? :’(

S : It’s because you are too frail to solve her sensitivity problem, don’t you see how smart and stiff TB is? TB and I will solve all the sensitivity problem of Miss R, give me Five now TB. Yay! :)

***The next day... 


TA : Who is it now again?

Toothbrush G (TG) : ugh…It’s me TG.

TA : Who on earth is it now again? Why does Miss R keep sending toothbrushes again and again when we are already crammed in this little shit of hers? >.<

TB to TG : Oh hi…it’s you! Remember we came together from the supermarket the other day? Actually I was looking for you when I first came here. Where were you all this time?

TG : Umm…I’m not sure but I was kept in some dark closet until now, thank goodness it’s so much open and bright here hehe.

TA : Hmnn… looks like Miss R is replacing you TB.

TB : Oh no…not so soon. What’s wrong with her?

***Miss R actually found TB too hard and hurtful for her weak teeth. It was damaging her gums while using TB. Miss R had accidentally used her sister’s new toothbrush (TG) they bought together. Not satisfied with the quality of the 3 toothbrushes, Miss R bought another one home the next day, Toothbrush Blue and white Stripped (TBW).    

TA, TB and TG : Oh look who we have here? A new roommate?

S : Thank Gawd, at least she is sexy and beautiful compared to you fatty ones o_O.

TBW : Hi girls, are you all together? I didn’t know Miss R was so fond of toothbrushes: P. Why are you all useless now waiting to be of use for something else than brushing teeth?

TA : You just wait, your turn will come after a day…smirk

P.S : I was amazed at the number of toothbrushes I changed in a month. Blame my poor shopping skills for not being able to choose the right toothbrush as if I was using a toothbrush for the first time, Sigh! Unable to stop my amazement for the lack of my choice for toothbrush, I thought why not blog on it, thus this post :). Hope you had fun reading as much as I did on writing it. 


Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 before 30

I’ve been working on this and finally I’m done with my 30 before 30 lists. I’m trying out or rather planning on to do 30 things before I hit 30. I have exactly 4 years and seven months to complete the lists below:

1.  Study abroad
2.  Read 200 books (I have started with Aleph by Paulo Coelho)
3.  Try bungee jumping
4.  Go on a writing retreat
5.  Visit a leprosy hospital
6.  Visit a inmate in a prison
7.  Write a handwritten letter to a long lost friend and send it through post
8.  Join a yoga class
9.  Learn photography
10. See the cherry blossom in Japan
11. Trek to the nearest mountain in Thimphu
12. Ensure my life savings (I haven’t done that yet :/)
13. Join a book club
14. Volunteer for a good cause
15. Visit a water kingdom  
16. Master the art of making pancakes
17. Watch My girlfriend is a Gumiho (a Korean drama all over again)
18. Learn to ride a bicycle
19. Host a tea party
20. Be someone’s mentor
21. Visit a red light District
22. Watch sun-set everyday exactly at the same time for a week
23. Go on a road trip
24. Go to an amusement park
25. Visit a fish spa
26. Learn to become a morning person
27. Take a train ride across India
28. Send a message in a bottle
29. Gift an infinity ring to someone special
30. Sleep under the stars on a balmy night

I plan to achieve these goals at 30. Have you had a list yet or planning to make one? Share it with me, I would love to listen to yours.

Well, February had been a very stressful month for me, though it is the shortest month of the year, I felt it was the longest.:(. Now its March and finally with the warmth in the air since its spring, I hope to have a wonderful and a blessed month and I wish the same for you.


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