Monday, September 30, 2013

The Fault In Our Stars / A Book Review

"Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.
                                     …which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal."
                                                    -Hazel Grace

It was as if Hazel spoke my mind in the book. And for the umpteenth time I reread these lines over and over again, underlined it and marked the page (Page 33). Have you ever felt that way about a book? I felt like this for The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS).

TFIOS is a devastating and powerful book by John Green. It cuts you deep down, opens the chambers of your heart into halves, sprinkles salt to the wounded heart and nurse and stores you back to a healthy person. It’s a book so special and rare that I feel a sense of betrayal when I write this post here.

It’s the story of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, their battle against the terminal disease cancer and how Hazel’s story is rewritten when the gorgeous Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group.

Fearing that Hazel is suffering from depression, she is forced to attend a weekly Support Group by her mother. At the Support Group, Augustus turns up and twists the plot of the story, likely to be completely retold again.

Having read over and over the book An Imperial Affliction (AIA) by Peter Van Houten, Hazel and Augustus decides to visit Peter at Amsterdam only to be disappointed by the latter.

What happens to Anna, her mother and the Dutch Tulip Man in AIA? These are questions that haunt Hazel, and she wants to know the answers. In her quest to the endings of the book, Hazel plunges further into love with the beautiful Augustus, is beautiful a term inappropriate for Augustus? Well, he has been portrayed that way and I don’t mind calling a guy beautiful as long as he deserves it.

Just like Hazel keeps thinking and wondering about the after-life of the characters in AIA, I’ve been thinking about Hazel ever since I finished reading the book. It has literally made me ponder, what happens to Hazel after she receives the four attachments in her mail and reads it. Hazel has her days numbered unfortunately.:(

I swooned on nearly every page. It made me reread some lines and pained me most and tears were all I could shed in the form of applause for this beautifully crafted masterpiece.

The dialogues in the book are carefully structured and it simply brings joys to read it. 

There are days when I don’t want to step out of the house, stay in bed all day long and read and cry, days I’m thankful that I’m alive and I get to read this utterly joyous and sad book. 

These are the days I wear my pink PJs with little hearts all over and mourn the finishing of a good book like this one. This weekend has definitely been that one. And I’m yet to recover from the book hangover. Of course a good one though. :).
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Friday, September 27, 2013

100 Things I ❤ - Part Seven

Good Lord, how did September fly by so soon? I did not realize its already 27th today which means we just have 95 days for 2014 to begin. I cannot believe (*rubbing my eyes) that 2013 just came and is flying by the window. Any goals and plans to be achieved in these 95 days? Do it fast, fast...haha

Anyways, let's hurry for today's series...

#61 Family: I'm blessed to have a nice and good family which I'm thankful to the Almighty. Cannot imagine what I'd do without them (*shudders).

#62 Good Friends 

#63 Seeing people in love : Such a beautiful sight and a feeling

#64 Making to-do-list everyday and ticking it off one by one=A great sense of satisfaction

 #65 Nude Pumps : As much as I heart Wedges, I love these beauties.

#66 Cheese Pizza Mmnnnn...Do you know that  one of the best pizzas in town is available at Utpal Pizza opposite 8 Eleven.

#67 Lace 

#68 Statement Necklace

#69 Pink PJs : I heart pink PJs, its an antidote to my withdrawal sympton from watching too much Korean Drama, Vampire Diaries, Carrie Diaries, movies...and reading too much of romantic books.

#70 Korean Drama : I have this obsession of watching too much beautiful people on Korean Drama. I've been trying to get over this obsession..arrrghh..getting old here sigh, and embarressed to watch K- Drama like a excited teenager.

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Wishing you a fabulous weekend! 

I've a book to finish reading and of course K Drama :P...What're your weekend plans?

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Friday, September 20, 2013

100 Things I ❤ - Part Six

I cannot believe that I'm done with the 50 things I heart in life, another 50 exciting things awaits:). If you are new here, this is where you should get started to know about this series.
#51 Beach : As a girl from the mountains, I never let go any opportunities of going to the beach. 

#52 Clear Blue skies with fluffy white clouds. Did you notice the sky today in Thimphu. Its exactly like this. Now that's what I call an autumn sky. :)

#53 DIYs : Try this upside down candle holder DIY next time you have a dinner at your place.

#54 Cardigan : A must-have in yor closet for this autumn weather. I love cardigans for its comfort and style.

#55 Warm socks: Goodness, I can't believe that I wore socks to bed last night. Has the weather suddenly become chilly or is it just my cold feet?

#56 Hope : It is that little voice you hear whisper 'maybe' when it seems the entire world is saying 'no.'

#57 Second Chance: I believe in it. I've had many a second chance which I'm glad for. If you are lucky enough to get a second chance, don't waste it.

#58 A good cry : I need it and I cry also. It doesn't indicate you are weak but since birth it has been a sign that you're alive. It cleanses your soul and your eyes, so it's healthy, I'm telling you.

#59 Quiet time : A time to think and be yourself. A time to meditate on life. Do you practice quiet time? Do it and see it's amazing results.

#60 Little things like Free Hugs : Hug is a therapy to let people know that you love them without having to say anything.Sending you free cyber hugs from me to you tehehe...

What are the little things in life that you heart, that you enjoy and that brings immense pleasure? 

Its officially weekends since it's noon here, atleast for me. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :P.
I wish you all a happy Blessed Rainy Day. Let the rain cleanse you of your sins though I don't see any rain bearing clouds for now in Thimphu (*wink)

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear Olakha : A Love Letter

 Dear Olakha,
I don’t know the reasons why but I always keep coming back to you. Perhaps, your forgiving nature could be the reason. For once I thought I had forever said goodbye to you on that fateful December afternoon but how totally wrong I was. I could stay away from you for just a year. That was the darkest hours of my life. Honestly, it was also the longest year of my life.

I kept thinking of you. Seeing you from my windows at Changzamtog was way too much of a pain to bear. I was on my own for the first time without you. 
For the thousandth time, I wanted to see you and embrace you tightly in my arms.
From my windows in Changzamtog, I used to look towards you at the far end of the mountains

Though you were too far from my office, I loved to drive the express highway just to be with you. The thought of being with you brought a beautiful smile to me while I was returning home to you from work. 

The chaotic and busy construction you were undergoing distressed me at times when the rain used to last for days. Yet the thought of “this too shall pass” brought me smiles and cheered me up. When at times, the weather was gloomy and cruel your soft streetlights in the winding road absorbed and comforted me and gave me the strength to look forward to a new day in life. You’re truly wonderful. 

The incessant construction of concrete buildings made you tired and ugly. It made the roads and footpaths too messy and once your beautiful appearance was marred completely. Overnight you grew a hundred years old and became sick and haggard. It saddened me deeply to see you in this condition. I waited patiently for this phase of yours to pass but it never happened. It was a far cry. 

Frankly, I loathed you.

My eyes wandered and I was smitten by Changzamtog, the attractive place on the block. It was the most accessible place from every nook and corner of the city. Lured by it, I forgot to give a second thought about you and was swayed into its bosom only to be betrayed. Alas! I had the worst time at my new place when troubled with severe shortage of water facility.

The mother of life itself-water! When it was deprived what’s there to remain? I was shattered. I felt cheated. My time in this new place became a nightmare. I could no longer look at it like I used to before. With no options available, I lived there for another year, struggling harder in life than ever before. 

I tried to search for you in Babesa, Taba, Motithang, Kawajangsa…yet none of it could replace you. You’re that extraordinary to me. I missed you way too much. The pain was nearly impossible to bear. I was not ready to let you go. 
Another December went by. I thought I could no longer bear the pain; I finally mustered up my courage and decided that no matter what, no matter what the world say, I’m going to be that knight in shining armor. Thus, like a gladiator, I galloped down towards you and found you again with your arms wide open. 

Oh what I did in my previous life to have been forgiven easily by you, I thought.

I had abandoned you and I’m extremely sorry. The welling tears in your eyes and your bosom open as wide as the vast ocean was enough to let me know that no matter what you’re always there for me. I’m here now and will stay forever…

Your’s truly,


You can find my soft spot for Olakha here.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

100 Things I ❤ - Part Five

So this series is getting pretty exciting for me. It has helped me alot to stay positive. It has helped me to reflect on the little things in life and made me realise how little are the things in life that inspires us and make us happy. If you are new here you can read 100 Things I ❤  and check out the rest or else join me along. 
#38 Nuts: Its unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients reduces the risk of developing blood clots that can cause a fatal heart attack. It's easy to store and easy to take with me to work. I can really eat nuts. Thus, Nuts and my heart =:)

#39 Avocado: Just like nuts, avocados are my favorites and has great health benefits. Starting from anti-aging to anti-inflammatory, digestion, pregnancy, blood pressure, it has all the health benefits. But I've only come across wild avocados in the Farmer's market in Thimphu. During its peak season, my family consume some few kilograms in one go, imagine...

#40 Bows makes me go weak at knees for its cuteness and beauty

#41 Boots: This is an early tribute to the chilly winters that are soon approaching. As much as I dread winter I love the comfort of a pair of warm boots.
#42 Scarves : Another must-have in your closet for the winter

#43 Warm Bubble bath : What could be more relaxing to soak in warm bubble bath at the end of a tiring day.

#44 Make ups 

#45 Cup cakes: Another guilty pleasure 
#46 Coca-Cola : My obsession for this drink has landed its picture on the blog

#47 Quotes from the Bible

#48 Sleep : I need a minimum of 8 hours sleep, or else I may not function properly.

#49 Good hair days

#50 : This series would not have seen the light of the day had it not been for this site. So I ❤ and my obsession continues.

 Its already Saturday, so happy weekneds and Tshechu holidays.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

What is your Personality Type?

Day Five of Blogtember challenge and I took the Jung Typology test to check my personality and here are my scores. 

I'm INFJ type, meaning I have the following scores of personality:
1. 44% Introvert
2. 12 % Intuitive
3. 12 % Feeling, and
4. 44% of Judging

God! I cannot believe that I'm more of a introvert with a judging nature. I'm JUDGEMENTAL. It could be right, Nooooo.....this is not hahaha.

And see whom do I share my personality with, of course the famous personalitites. 

Hmn....Not bad. Well if you would like to know your personality, try the link I mentioned above. This test promises to help you discover your careers and occupations most suitable for your personality and also it helps you assess your compatibility with your long term romantic partner (that's what it makes us believe). So go ahead and know your personality. Don't forget to let me know what your personality is...incase I need to deal with you :P.  

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

100 Things I ❤ Part Four

I know this post was supposed to be up on Friday, I'm such a sucker:(. For the 4th episode of Things I ❤ series, it will be a little different. I'll be diverting from my usual posts. Instead, it will be on the ten seven different blogs I have recently discovered and been drooling over.   

Caution: Are you a big blog reader? If yes, get on board with me or you can consider these as weekend readings. 

#31 Living in Another Language 
The beautiful Amanda is the amazing woman behind this blog. A ESL Teacher living in South Korea with her husband, she blogs about her daily experiences in a Asian country and shares funny and interesting finds about the Koreans. We are such huge fans of Korean Drama and everything about S. Korea intrigues us, so I thought she might be of interest to you guys. Can you imagine that she don't use shampoo on her hair yet she has the most beautiful locks I've ever seen. I found this rather weird, I mean your hair without a shampoo? Its equal to not washing it, especially my hair, it becomes an oilfield if I don't wash it every alternate day. However, you can learn the tricks to her beautiful hair in this post.

#32 Cider with Rosie
Rosie is a recent graduate and lives in a small village in Surrey, England with her boyfriend and a cocker spaniel pup Teddy. Her 10 things that've made me happy posts initially attracted me to her blog and it's amazing how she brings tremendous joys from little things in life. I love her awesome photographs.

#33 The Life of Bon
Another English teacher, Bonnie documents her thoughts about life. I just discovered this awesome blog yesterday and I was laughing out Loud when I read this post of The day I stole underwear. Trust me you will enjoy it too. On a serious note, she has great tips on blogging here and here. I hope this will be helpful to people like us. 

#34 Story of My Life 
Want to learn some awesome photography tips? This is the ultimate blog for you then. Jenni from Austin initiated the Blog Every Day in May Challenge and currently we are underway in this blogtember Challenge and loving its every aspect. If you are a newbie blogger you can find very helpful blogging tips.

#35 From Down Under To The Top of The World 
Andrea, an Australian teacher in Chumey, Bumthang Bhutan, she documents her everyday life during her one year stay in Bhutan. Ten things I love about our life in Bhutan... and what I miss about Australia and her  Photo a day Challenge are some of the posts I enjoyed. If you want to learn a chilip's (Foreigner) perspectives on Bhutan, this is the blog, you need not go down further. While she is here, we hope to hear more about her thoughts on Bhutan. 

#36 Paper Planes 
Alana, a twenty something share tips, stories, places or activities on Changmai, Thailand. I'm one person who is fascinated to live in Thailand. I find the Teaching in Thailand program between RGoB and Thai Government a good initiative. Had I not been employed, I'd have loved to take up this teaching job in Thailand. If you are wondering How much does it cost to live in Thailand?, then Alana has the answers. Head over to her blog to know facts like What You Don’t Know About Thailand  and Chiang Mai’s Dirty Little Secret.

#37 Under the Sycamore
Are you bored on weekends or you have simply nothing to do? Ashley has interesting DIYs and craft projects here for you.
A mother to 3 boys and 2 girls, she comes up with amazing craft projects and I like it how they build a little coop. She is full of inspiration and to be a would-be mother or a parent for that matter, I think this is the ultimate blog. She also shares easy and amazing photography skills and her photos are so beautiful. While on the blog, don't forget to read her moving adoption journey. This journey really moved me and I have so much of respect for her to have brought a difference to the world.

So this is it, your weekend snippets. Happy reading and a happy weekend. 100 things I ❤ series will be up next Friday, I promise. Of course it will start from number 38 :).

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