Friday, April 18, 2014

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you…

+ that it has been rainy and gloomy a lot these days. Very unlikely for early spring. It seems that cold is here to stay forever. And we still have to use heater to keep ourselves warm. 
Talking of warmth, I’ve wanted to start with my Pilates session after work since the days are longer now but the cold is still here which makes me plain lazy to roll out the mat and get on the floor. 
You would say ‘Why don’t you do it in the morning?’ 
At this, I would roll my eyes and look at you as if I’ve seen an alien because morning hours are the busiest part of my day. I never get enough time for anything. Getting out of the bed is the hardest thing for me in the morning. So exercise is out of my league. 

+ that I’m having a post k-drama withdrawal syndrome after completing My Love from Another Star. Omo, I’d love it if aliens were as good looking and cute as Kim Soo-Hyun. I googled and to my dismay found that the cute alien in the drama is just 26. Oh no! 
Nonetheless, I love the feeling of getting transported to a fantasy world when seeing the melodramas. Flight of fantasy, I’d say ‘cause there’s so much of comfort in the world of fantasy. 

+that my office has had a makeover. You should come visit me. It has become more spacious and airy now. God, I’ve been living in a matchbox for the past 3 years. 

At this time, I’d refill your coffee cup because your cup would be empty if you’re like me. I like to drink my coffee hot. In that process I finish up my coffee instantly. And I’d ask how things in your life are. ‘Are you married?’ That would be the first question I’d ask you ‘cause everybody basically asks me that. 

Shameless breed we are. 
We do not respect privacy and asks bluntly personal questions to whomever we meet. It actually mystifies me how blunt we are to answer it as if that’s the first thing you’d like to be asked. If your answer is positive, then I’d again ask, ‘How’s your wife/hubby?’ but if your answer is negative, I’d ask you no further because neither do I like to go beyond that. 

+ yes, I have chopped off my long hair. You’d say that for a change it’s good and I look young. Do I? Anyways I would thank you. And be happy that it serves it purpose and I didn’t suffer from post haircut syndrome. That I didn’t look in the mirror and wept for the loss of my hair. 
+ about the recent theft that we had to go through. A bunch of 5th and 6th graders stole my brother’s bag pack which contained his wallet, some separate cash, cell phone,car key and a pair of shoes from the football ground. Only the cell phone was recovered and the culprits caught. It horrified me that this bunch of kids blew up the cash by watching 5D movies and shopping and threw away the car key. Heights of bravery! 

And the most shocking thing was the parents were not apologetic about the situation but they instead accused my brother for carrying such amount of cash. It was so saddening to see these kids at the police station when they should be at school. 

By this time I’m sure you’d be tired of my rambles. I know sometimes I do not let the other person talk. You’d get tired of me and start looking at your cell phone and say that you have to get home now, that you have guest coming over for dinner. I’d shrug my shoulder and thank you for your time and tell you to drop by often which I’m sure that would be the last thing you’d do. And it would be the last time I see you. 

Happy weekends ahead! 
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  1. Haha... Nice post Rekha! Maybe I should write one too... If you were having wine with me, I would tell you...... Have a great weekend to you too! ;)

    1. Yeah I would love to hear what you have to tell me if I were having wine with you...:P
      Consider yourself tagged and let me know :). Enjoy your weekend.

    2. Check this out ;)

  2. Nice post!...You do look Young Rekha ma'am...happy weekend.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Tshewang. Have a great weekend ahead!

  3. Well, it was interesting having coffee with you. :) "My Love from Another Star" is just about to be shown this side of the world and I am actually looking forward to it. The commercial they've aired was funny and adorable, so I thought I'd watch it when it rolls out.

    1. My pleasure Anna.

      Yeah I'd recommend you to watch the show. It's hilarious and nice too. I enjoyed it thoroughly, hope you'll enjoy it too.


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